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"Being a recipient of the Jane Wha-Young Kim Scholarship was such a blessing! This 4-year scholarship which also included a summer stipend relieved me of the financial worries that I otherwise would've had with regards to my college tuition. It allowed me instead to fully focus on my academic goals and achieve success. For believing in me, my deepest thanks goes out to the Kim family, who to this day continues to keep in touch."

Desiree Braga, VP / Guam Premier Banking Officer, Bank of Hawaii

University of Guam

Muturwan Choay (2018-) Eileen Calleja (2010-2011) Alyssa Delgado (2008-2009) Marcello delos Reyes (2003-2007) Katherine Roberta (2001-2002) Desiree Braga (2000-2004) Janalyn Toves (1999)

Academy of Our Lady of Guam

Kiana Yabut (2018-2019) Avelina Maria Francisco (2018-2019) Kiana Yabut (2017-2018)
Alexis Jade Santos (2017-2018)
Avelina Marie Francisco (2017-2018)
Ma. Christine Lazaro (2017-2018) Mari Utsui (2016-2017)
Althea Fastidio (2015-2016)
Halana Lujan (2015-2016)
Janna Malig-on (2014-2015)
Marissa Sayama (2013-2014)
Kristin Bansil (2012-2013)
Rury Lee (2010-2012)
Kenisha Taijeron (2009-2010)
Maria Minas (2008-2009)

Teaching Award

Darlene Quichocho (2018)

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"The Foundation has inspired me to do good. It fuels myself to strive for my dream and someday do the same thing that has been done for me."

Christine M. Lazaro, AOLG Class of 2018